A terrible insect has suddenly appeared! If you touch this, it’s enough to burn, vomit: peasants are sad Dangerous insects found in villages Gadag, peasants are very scared Pipa News

A terrible insect has suddenly appeared! If you touch this, it’s enough to burn, vomit: farmers are sad Dangerous insects found in Gadag villages, farmers are very scared

Gadag: These farmers have already been affected by floods. Now another tension has started for these farmers. Yes, a dangerous insect has been detected. The agricultural class is literally devastated by this pest. If that bug touches him, he’ll burn me all over. Vomiting, fainting, etc. Fearing this dangerous pest, farmers are reluctant to work in the fields. The sudden discovery of such an insect made farmers very worried.

It rained a lot. Thus the land is now embellished with a green setting. Garbage has increased to the same extent. Farmers therefore go to the fields to maintain the lost crop. But this dangerous pest keeps farmers away from the fields. This danger has already caused a stir on social networks. It’s one hundred percent true. One such dangerous insect was found in Doni village of Mundaragi taluk in Gadag district. Farmers are suffering because of the incessant rains. Meanwhile, Ket’s fear is now faced. Yes, it is such an insect, a very dangerous insect. A small touch is enough for a person to feel burned in his body and pass out after vomiting.
(Special report: Sanjeeva Pandre, TV9, Gadag)

So, this dangerous insect was found in Doni village of Mundaragi taluk of Gadag district. A farmer named Siddappa Kurtakoti, a farmer from Doni village, went to the farm with his oxen. At this moment, a terrible insect fell on his shirt. In a short time, his whole body started to burn and he passed out. Siddappa Kurtakoti said he improved and was treated in hospital after arriving in town. After the farmers in the village heard this news, the farmers found out about the terrible pest. He came holding it and showed it to the co-director of agriculture of Gadag district. Shankar Gowda Jayana Gowda said farmers in Doni and other villages are scared because of this pest.

Now this terrible insect has been handed over to officials of the Ministry of Agriculture. This insect is called the prickly oak slug. It is an omnivorous insect. It looks terrible. This pest has now been found in the village of Doni and farmers are worried. For this reason, farmers faced another problem. If this terrible insect touches the body, vomiting will occur. Like fainting. The farmers gave the dreaded pest to the Joint District Manager of Gadag, Ziaullah. It will be sent to the Agricultural Science Center in Dharwad. Research needs to be conducted on this pest. So go back to the farm and collect more bugs, do more research. Gadag District Joint Director of Agriculture Ziaullah warned that farmers should also be careful.

Farmers who have been farming for many years have never seen such a dangerous pest! Now farmers are shocked to see this pest. Farmers are reluctant to do agricultural work. The farmers demanded that the secret of this terrible pest be revealed immediately to allow the farmers to work in peace.

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