Anyone for cricket? Brussels approves crickets as an edible insect

Anyone for cricket? Brussels approves crickets as an edible insect. image: wikipedia

Brussels approves crickets as the third edible insect in the EU after worms and locusts

The European Commission announced this Friday, February 11 the approval of the marketing of crickets as edible food for insects within the European Union. This makes it the third insect to appear in this category, having given the green light last July to the mealworm, and to the desert locust, last November.

House crickets – bought domesticus – can be consumed dry as an aperitif, or as an ingredient in a series of foods in powder form, such as protein products, biscuits, pasta, or frozen.

Their consumption was approved by Member State experts on 8 December. Brussels offered its authorization after taking note of the strict evaluation of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)who concluded that the consumption of this insect is “safe”.

Products containing this new food will be properly labeled to flag any possible allergic reactions. Its food consumption authorization is part of the EU’s “Farm to Fork” strategy and aims to identify alternative sources of protein to promote change towards a more sustainable food system.

Since the entry into force of the EU Novel Foods Regulation in January 2018, EFSA has received a high volume of applications covering a wide variety of food sources. As they reported when posting mealworm information, these included plant-derived products, algae, non-native fruits and edible insects,

Studies conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)quoted in the Community Executive’s statement, argue that insects are part of the daily diet of millions of people around the world, and that they are a nutritional source, rich in fats and proteins, as reported

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