Cannabis Global Provides Update on Patent Applications – for its Cannabis Nanoparticles and Insect-Produced Cannabosides

CannabisGlobal, Inc. CBGL provided an update on the vscompany patent applicationsin particular with regard to its application to the protection of inventions and methods of cannabis nanoparticles.

Cannabis Global continues to pursue two non-provisional patent applications for cannabis technologies. The first concerns the use of state-of-the-art means of production devices for producing cannabinoid-based nanoparticles and nanofibers. These tiny “chunks” of cannabinoids are only between 100 nanometers and 700 nanometers wide, which is less than 1% the width of a human hair. Cannabis Global plans to use this technology to provide more effective cannabinoid dosing in a variety of new products, such as pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, and topical skin preparations.

The non-provisional filing took place on July 8, 2021 and is currently under review by the US Patent Office. Additionally, earlier this month, the vsThe company responded to clarifications from the US Patent Office in relation to the priority that the company wished to give to the various separate inventions in the application.

Additionally, Cannabis Global has filed for protection for inventions related to the creation of cannabosides, which are modifications of natural plant-based cannabinoids that could potentially significantly increase the bioabsorption of cannabis-related compounds by the human body. In the case of the company’s technology to create cannabosides, hemp that does not contain THC or contains THC cannabis is fed to insects, which convert the cannabinoids in the raw material into cannabosides. The company filed the non-provisional patent on January 18, 2021.

Cannabis Global has also filed for international protection for both categories of these inventions with the International Patent Cooperation Union (PCT). The PCT helps applicants obtain international patent protection for their inventions, assists patent offices in their patent granting decisions and facilitates public access to a wealth of technical information relating to these inventions. By filing a single international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in many countries through a single application.

picture by Louis Roseau on Unsplash

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