Creating Insect-Free Spaces Without Toxicity – How Repeltec’s New Approach is Changing Pest Management in 2022

Repeltec Surface Coating repellent against flying and crawling insects.

Repelling insects rather than killing them could be the key to a safer insect-free environment.

Our research has resulted in a coating that can be used in family homes, businesses and other places; limit the negative impact on people, pets and the environment that insecticides can have.

— CEO, Tom Sam

HELSINKI, FINLAND, Aug. 23, 2022 / — Harnessing controlled-release technology with a user-friendly active ingredient commonly found in skin lotions, Repeltec (developed by Finland-based AFFIX Labs) is a Innovative new series of products that repel insects for months in most environments. Repeltec’s repellent effect differs from traditional pesticides killing on contact, and with added benefits such as a long lasting area effect that targets both crawling and flying insects. This is an exciting new preventive solution for pest control.

The demand for less toxic products is at this stage well known and, in all sectors, companies are striving to make their products more suited to the demands of an increasingly informed consumer. Pest control products, however, have lagged behind this trend for some time, with options being limited to either dangerous chemicals or safer but less effective options. Repeltec addresses these shortcomings with a proactive, nature-inspired yet still highly effective solution that works incredibly well on mosquitoes, flies, ants, ticks, cockroaches and more.

As a repellent coating spray, rather than a kill-on-contact insecticide, Repeltec offers a preventative solution that stops insects from entering treated spaces before they become a problem. Repeltec uses controlled release technology to slowly release a non-toxic compound that creates a repellent “bubble”. This effect works to repel not only crawling insects, but also nearby flying pests that are often repelled before they even land on a sprayed surface.

All of this is achieved with a naturally-inspired active ingredient that repels a wide range of insects without killing them and without having adverse effects on humans and animals or nearby environments, for which commonly used insecticides can be very dangerous. By harnessing a friendlier ingredient in an innovative way and completely avoiding pesticides, alcohol and nanoparticles, Repeltec is poised to revolutionize pest control without resorting to the harmful ingredients that most spray-to-kill solutions use.

Dermatologically tested in Germany and NSF certified meaning it can be used in kitchens, user safety has been one of the pillars of research and development that led to the creation of this new approach. CEO of AFFIX Labs, Tom Sam, says, “We aim to solve some of the industry’s significant issues, particularly with respect to residual insect management, and place great emphasis on developing a solution that can be used safely in a variety of environments. Our research has resulted in a coating that can be used in family homes, workplaces, food preparation areas and other places we commonly visit; limit the negative impact on people, pets and the environment that insecticides can have”.

Suitable for most materials, it can be sprayed on walls, furniture, curtains, closets and anywhere insects commonly hide, and will repel insects for months in most indoor environments. Repeltec achieves this performance by influencing the way insects interact with their environment, and depending on the species it can repel insects, mask the smells they use to detect humans and animals, or irritate the nerves used to detect the food.

About AFFIX Laboratories
AFFIX Labs is an award-winning chemical technology start-up founded in early 2020. Registered in Finland, the company focuses on creating new coating technologies, new active formulations and helping society fight against communicable diseases. The company received its first round of seed funding in Q4 2020 and is providing partners on four continents, rapidly expanding to new regions around the world.

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The Repeltec surface coating has been tested for chemical repellency in accordance with WHO standards.