EarthKind®, the leading No-Kill insect and rodent control brand, joins 1% For The Planet

We are excited to begin displaying the 1% for the Planet logo on our packaging and promotions at partner retailers like Lowe’s, Target, Grove, Hive and many more.

EarthKind®, makers of naturally smarter pest control products® Fresh Cab® and Stay Away® expands its commitment to innovation, education and maximizing the benefits of a global community working in harmony with nature by partnering with 1% for the planet. Working together is the exciting next step for the brand to continue its 15-year legacy of creating purpose-driven change through business that is sustainable in every way; ecologically, economically, socially, educationally and politically.

“Commercializing insect and rodent control solutions that work in harmony with nature has been our contribution to creating the change we want to see in the world,” commented Kari Warberg Block, Founder and CEO of EarthKind® . “We have proven that it is possible to safely and effectively control pests, reduce toxic pesticides and prevent costly property damage through plant-based innovation, eco-education and partnership. with stakeholders who believe in taking an earth-friendly approach.”

“By joining 1% for the Planet, EarthKind® is joining a network of businesses and individuals committed to supporting real-world solutions to our current environmental crises. We are excited to begin displaying the 1% for the Planet logo on our packaging and promotions at partner retailers like Lowe’s, Target, Grove, Hive and many more,” concluded Warberg Block.

For Kari Warberg Block, education and innovation were key to the success of her business, and the same goes for future generations. For this reason, she has created a K-12 educational program celebrating the Year of the Monarch 2021: The Hero of Harmony Award. Each month, a council of entomologists, scientists and conservationists named a K-12 teacher committed to providing hands-on programming that connected students to nature and protected the iconic monarch butterfly. environmental health. The main objective of Harmony Heroes was to promote eco-education pioneers and share their stories. A hands-on education for children not only improves their math and science skills and their social and emotional intelligence, but also fosters their desire to create positive change for the planet. “Children are the inventors of our future,” says Warberg Block, “so it’s the teachers who need our support.”

Media interested in learning more about EarthKind® or interviewing Block CEO/Founder Kari Warberg, please contact Janelle Dunbar at [email protected] or 516-242-7677.

About EarthKind®:

EarthKind® is the leading no-kill insect and rodent control brand with a mission to reduce the use of toxic pesticides in homes and businesses by providing a Naturally Smarter® way to keep pests out without having to kill them or poison them. EarthKind’s® 100% Guaranteed Premium Quality Solutions are produced with ingredients grown primarily on US farms, crafted by caring citizens with disabilities, and formulated to protect your stored valuables without harming nature’s delicate ecosystems or the your family’s health. EarthKind® is a woman-owned and carbon neutral company.

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About 1% for the planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual turnover to environmental causes to protect the environment. It exists to ensure the prosperity of our planet and future generations. We encourage businesses and individuals to support nonprofit environmental organizations through membership and daily actions. We make environmental giving easy and effective through partnership consulting, impact storytelling and third-party certification.

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