Giant “Insect Museum” in Antalya: 530 species on display

530 species are exhibited in the “Insect Museum”, which was established in Antalya to show people the creatures living in the forests and to support scientific studies.

Forestry workers, who carry out intensive afforestation activities to increase the presence of forests, and who work as cansipara to prevent more areas from being burned by fires, also carry out awareness studies of living beings in nature. .

Antalya Regional Forestry Directorate Forest Pest Control Department, which produces and releases beneficial insects with natural methods against insects that damage vegetation in the forest, dried the insect species they saw in the forest with special methods, and established a small museum in the forest. Nebiler district branch building of Dosemealti district a while ago. .

The museum, where 530 different species are displayed, attracts the attention of its visitors with interesting insects, including the rhinoceros beetle and the kite beetle.

“In the fire, not only the tree, but also the insects are burned”

Antalya Regional Forest Manager Vedat Dikici stated that not only trees but also all living beings in nature are in the area of ​​interest of the forestry organization.

Dikici said that while they were fighting forest pests with natural methods, they were also working on other living things living in trees and soil, and they were also documenting natural riches.

Stating that they have created a collection of insect species, Dikici noted that they have dried the insects and conducted research with relevant departments of universities on topics such as what species they are and in which regions. they live. Stating that they display the dried species in the museum in order to pass them on to future generations, Dikici said:

“In addition to plant species, many creatures, from butterflies to crickets and birds, live in the forest. When you look into the forest, you may only see the tree, but when you enter it, you will see that there are many more living beings. We created this museum to “see the diversity of nature”. “The forest is not only made of trees, it is a ecosystem, it contains thousands of plant species and thousands of animals. When a forest burns, not only our trees burn, but also hundreds of thousands of living things disappear.

“Anyone who wants can visit the museum”

Stating that there are butterflies, veil-winged, scale-winged, flat-winged, membranous-winged, similar-winged species and dragonfly species found in the forests of Turkey in the museum, Dikici said that much of the collection consists of secret species and scale-winged butterflies.

Dikici pointed out that sharing information with society plays a major role in protecting natural wealth, biodiversity and preventing looting by foreign collectors. Stating that they opened the museum they created in this regard to everyone, Dikici said that many people visited the museum and received information about insects. Stating that school students visit the museum in groups, Dikici also pointed out that the museum is open to anyone who wishes.