Katchy Indoor Insect Trap: The Fruit Fly Killer Your Home Needs

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    • Hides bugs

    • Efficient

    • Reusable

Every summer for the past four years, my apartment has been infested with fruit flies. It starts out small – one or two hanging around the sink – and then suddenly there are a hundred flying around my kitchen. They are too small for flyswatters and the sticky traps fill up very quickly. Not to mention that DIY home solutions don’t work when tons of flies are multiplying every day and spreading to other rooms in your house. I was tired of living in bug hell, so I decided to try a different method.

While shopping for Bug Trappers on Amazon, I came across the Katchy Indoor Insect Trapwhich caught my attention because it has over 70,000 reviews and an average of 4 out of 5 stars. If so many people were raving about this indoor bug trap, I knew I had to try it myself. .

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How does the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap work?

Person using hand to hold Katchy Indoor Insect Trap upright.

Credit: Revised / Melissa Rorech

Using a suction fan and a sticky pad, the Katchy Indoor Bug Trap collects pesky critters.

The Katchy Indoor Bug Trap is a plug-and-play device that combines a replaceable sticky trap with a bug light and suction fan. You take it out of the box, open the bottom with the push button, and that’s where the adhesive pad goes. Once the adhesive pad is inside the device, you close it and you’re in business.

You get four sticky pads in the initial box, but you can order supplements. There is a small non-sticky spot on the pad that you can hold on to so you can put it down and pick it up once it gets full of bugs.

The best scenario for this to work would be in a dark room where the only light is from the device.

I used it in my bathroom, which was starting to get a lot of fruit flies. At night or when no one was inside, I turned off the light, closed the shutters, and closed the door, leaving just the bug trap plugged in. Now the insects in the bathroom will have no choice but to fly towards the light.

What we like

That works

The Katchy Indoor Bug Trap caught a ton of bugs in a week. Once the first adhesive pad was full, I replaced it with another and let it fill as well. You can kind of see through the little mesh screen at the bottom how many bugs are stuck so you know when to turn it off, but be careful not to open the bottom too often, or you’ll leave the bugs that haven’t got stuck on the trap but free.

It’s reusable

Unlike single sticky traps, this one is reusable and economical. Instead of buying a new sticky trap every week or so, you buy this device once and you’re set for a while. Then all you need to worry about is getting the sticky pad refills, which you can buy in bulk for cheap.

It hides dead insects

Katchy indoor insect trap with adjustable setting knobs.

Credit: Revised / Melissa Rorech

The reservoir at the bottom collects trapped insects, keeping them out of sight.

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of cooking in the kitchen next to a giant yellow trap full of dead flies. It’s unappetizing to say the least. This device hides dead bugs inside so you can perfectly ignore how gross your kitchen or bathroom really is.

What we don’t like

Person activating blue light on Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

Credit: Revised / Melissa Rorech

While this is effective, it may not be the smoothest method of removing bugs.

It’s cruel

Like all sticky traps, it’s a bit nasty. Once I opened the trap to see how it was doing and saw a fly stuck on the cushion, still flapping its wings, trying to escape. About eight hours later I went back into the room and reopened the trap and the same bug was still trying to fly away even though he was stuck.

I felt so bad he had been in pain for so long, I took a small piece of paper towel and just crushed it. It made me feel really bad – but also these flies are in my house, not contributing to the rent, so really, whose fault is it?

Difficult to change pads

To open the bottom of the device, you hold a button and push up. Then hold it while you grab the sticky pad from below.

The only problem is that the bottom of the gadget wants to close. So if you’re doing this alone, you’re using one hand to keep the whole thing open, because there’s no way to lock it in place when it’s open.

Also, if plugged in, the cord exits exactly on the opposite side of the machine from which the button is located.

When you try to open the lid to get the adhesive pad, the machine wants to tilt back, but it can’t because that’s where the cord is. Over time, the cord could be damaged if you do this too often. To put it simply, they could have given more thought to how one person would change the sticky pads on their own.

Should you buy the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap?

Yes, if you travel frequently.

Person activating the blue light on the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap.

Credit: Revised / Melissa Rorech

The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is a great investment for those battling unwanted insects inside the home.

If you have frequent fruit fly problems like me, absolutely. The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap saved my house and roommates from another summer of fruit fly madness.

Even though you catch fruit flies on an irregular basis, this machine caught random little bugs in my house that I didn’t even know were there. So if you want your home to be bug free, this bug trap is for you.

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    Katchy Original Indoor Insect Trap


    • Hides bugs

    • Efficient

    • Reusable