Katchy Reviews: Quality Indoor Insect Traps & UV Light Bug Killers

Can’t concentrate on your job with the persistent buzzing and movement of noise? Want to be able to read a book without having to look elsewhere? Insect zappers are increasingly in demand because of their ability to kill insects to death. Unfortunately, a discovery made in the process is that such devices end up killing the wrong types of bugs, while still allowing the annoying ones to roam freely. Seeing clear evidence of the poor design, the Katchy team vowed to explain the flaws with not one, but two upgrades. Without further ado, here is what our editorial team has compiled on Katchy Insect Traps.

What is Katchy?

Katchy is a brand dedicated to designing solutions that kill fruit flies and midges. The Katchy team insists that their number one goal is to help their customers get rid of pests in a safe and environmentally friendly way. In today’s market, many insect zappers are made using electric zappers or harmful chemicals. Fortunately, the Katchy team claims to have taken a different approach. In particular, their solutions “send out strong ultraviolet light to attract pests. Once enchanted, our flying enemies are trapped on a sticky glue board for eternity, ”or until the trapping system is cleared. With that in mind, the next step is to evaluate the major models available!

What does Katchy currently offer?

Katchy currently offers three unique bug detection solutions. Below is a summary of the difference between one and the other:

Katchy Original

Katchy Original is an indoor insect trap that uses safe UV light and an automatic sensor intended to catch fruit flies, midges and mosquitoes. Unlike conventional zappers, this respective bug trap is not a complete bug killer lamp. Instead, it reduces their presence, therefore, individuals should not view Katchy Original as a substitute for the bug / control system. However, this insect trap has two speed settings and two modes; one is slightly stronger than the other. Other features include an internal glue panel (as shown above), an ultra-quiet function, and a manual button.

Katchy Automatic

The difference between the original and automatic versions is in the settings. Specifically, the former is a manually operated insect trap, while the latter can be set to operate on a manual or automatic setting. Auto-tuning activates automatically, which means that the moment its built-in sensor is activated, it will perform as required.

Duo Katchy

Finally, we have Katchy Duo which is the newest 2-in-1 trap of the three versions and comes in a sleek design. The Duo ensures that flying insects are sucked up and captured directly onto replaceable sticky pads with its UV light halo and scented bait pod. The difference in this case is that pest control is now extended to cover 24 hours a day with 360 degree UV light.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of insects do Katchy insect traps catch?

Katchy Insect Traps have the ability to attract fruit flies, midges, moths and mosquitoes. However, they do not catch large house flies.

How do Katchy automatic insect traps compare to Katchy manual insect traps?

The Katchy Manual Insect Trap needs to be turned on by hand while the Katchy Automatic Insect Trap automatically turns on when a particular room is dark enough or when its automatic sensor detects movement.

Do Katchy Insect Traps Make Noise?

No, Katchy insect traps are known to be quiet.

When is it most effective to use Katchy insect traps?

Katchy insect traps are developed to operate effectively at night. This is because the incorporated UV light may not be bright enough to be felt by insects in a brightly lit room.

How are Katchy insect traps powered?

Katchy Insect Traps are powered by a USB power cord and 120V adapter.

What size room will Katchy Insect Traps work in?

Katchy Insect Traps work best in rooms that are approximately 320 square feet. Larger spaces require more units for maximum entrapment.

Is it safe to leave Katchy Insect Traps running continuously?

Katchy Insect Traps can operate safely throughout the night and should be turned off when you wake up.

Why is the light flashing during the race? Is the Katchy insect trap broken?

The flicker of light comes from the wavelengths of UV light, ranging from 365 to 395 nm. This in turn causes the device to flash. Thus, individuals should not perceive this fluctuation as an indication of damage.

How do I clean the Katchy insect trap?

Maintaining the Katchy Insect Trap is as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth. For small spaces or vents, a pressurized fan is considered the most useful.

How long is the power cord for the Katchy Insect Trap?

The USB power cord is 42 inches long.

How many glue boards come with each purchase of the Katchy Insect Trap?

The automatic and manual Katchy insect traps both come with four glue panels each.

Are Katchy Insect Trap Glue Boards Made in the USA?

All Katchy products are manufactured in a factory in China that has been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, the traps would meet US safety standards in the environmental and electronic safety categories.

Can the Katchy Insect Trap be used outdoors?

No, none of the Katchy products are intended for outdoor use. They have been specially designed for indoor use only.

Are Katchy Insect Traps Protected By A Refund Policy?

All Katchy Bug Traps have been backed by a one-year warranty, although very little has been shared regarding a refund policy. For clarity, individuals may want to contact customer service by sending an email to [email protected].

How much do Katchy products cost?

Eye-catching products have a similar price but are different according to their characteristics. Here’s a price breakdown by model:

  • Katchy Original: $ 39.79 each (comes in black or white)
  • Katchy Automatic: $ 41.79 each (in one model)
  • Duo Katchy: $ 39.99 each (comes in black or white)

Final verdict

From the above analysis, one thing should be clear; Katchy is a brand dedicated to providing households with a safe and harmless insect trap. To date, the company has successfully designed and executed three varieties, all of which are a testament to the team’s efforts to promote progress and efficiency. In keeping with everything, individuals should think about its size before placing an order. Unambiguously, these units are not intended to support large-space bug catching. If the latter is interesting, you must either buy several units or opt for another brand. Likewise, Katchy’s offerings are primarily intended for indoor uses only, therefore, insects elsewhere will not respond to its presence. Ultimately, the prices seem reasonable as they reflect the degree to which the presence of insects can be minimized. To learn more about Katchy, visit here >>>.

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