Meryl Streep once ignored a ‘huge bug’ crawling in her dress to end a scene

Meryl Streep is the type of actor who will do whatever it takes to get the perfect scene. She put herself in various uncomfortable and dangerous situations to ensure her performance was as authentic as possible. However, these experiences often shock the cast and crew she works with. Streep apparently had a ‘huge bug’ crawling in her dress while filming Outside of Africa and kept his cool.

Meryl Streep had to fight for her role in ‘Out of Africa’

Meryl Streep | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TNT

by Erin Carlson Queen Meryl shows how Streep wanted the lead role of Karen Blixen in Outside of Africa. Her agent pulled strings for her to come in through the door and speak with the man behind the camera. However, director Sydney Pollack initially did not consider her a good candidate for the role. He didn’t think she could sell the seductive allure necessary for the role.

However, Streep pushed for a meeting with Pollack, regardless, to show that she could pull off any scene needed. The director admitted that once he met the actor face to face, everything changed. He saw his ability to transition into other roles, even after his iconic performances in films, such as Sophia’s Choice and Kramer versus Kramer.

Meryl Streep had a ‘huge bug’ crawling in her dress during a scene in ‘Out of Africa’

Queen Meryl features particularly memorable scenes in Outside of Africa. They filmed the epic drama over 101 days in Africa, which required great endurance. Streep proved she had the stamina to take her powerful performance from scene to scene.

However, things didn’t always go so well. Outside of Africa together. Many of the cast and crew fell ill, but she somehow remained resilient throughout the ordeal. Streep even had a particular incident in her wardrobe, but kept her appearance for the camera.

During a long take of Karen arriving at the farm, Streep acted fully “composed” throughout the scene. Screenwriter Kurt Luedtke recalls: “But the moment Sydney said ‘Cut!’ her face contorted and she slammed her fist against her chest and shouted, “Get that thing out of here!”

Luedtke continued, “The costumer tore her dress and a huge bug fell out of it! He’d been crawling through it all through the scene, but she’d forced herself to ignore him.

The actor was nominated for an Oscar for his performance

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Outside of Africa earned seven of 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. However, Strep didn’t quite manage to win gold for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She lost the win to Geraldine Page in The Journey to Bountiful. However, it was a difficult category with the other nominees, including Jessica Lange for Sweet dreamsWhoopi Goldberg for The purple colorand Anne Bancroft for Agnes of God.

Streep proves throughout every scene that she has such a solid understanding of every character she plays. Plus, she’s able to roll with the punches and still put on great performances regardless of random mishaps that happen on set, including huge bugs in her dress.

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