Mother-of-two living in a damp house infested with bugs has to ‘paint over the mold’

A young mum living in a house infested with bugs and dampness says her housing provider told her to repaint the mold. Chanelle Parker, 22, says she has struggled with issues in her home since moving in with her two children in September 2019.

She says the house is plagued by damp and woodlice and she is worried about her family’s health and safety.

Chanelle said she faced problems both inside and outside the home – some causing her to worry about her family’s safety.

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And she claims drug addicts dumped their used needles in her garden, while other residents smoke cannabis and set fires near the house she lives in with her asthmatic three-year-old daughter.

She said: “I moved into the house on September 3, 2019 and rented it out. I noticed dampness on the walls when I moved in and reported it to the building association. housing, but the cleaners just told me to bleach it or paint it, which didn’t help at all.

“We also have a woodlice infestation due to the humidity and nothing has ever been done to help us get rid of it.”

In addition to the ongoing problems in her home, Chanelle also claimed that her back garden was full of needles thrown by local drug addicts, who allegedly threw them over the fence into her garden as well as fly spikes near her house. .

Chanelle told Teesside Live: “The kids can’t even play in the back garden in case there are dirty needles, it’s disgusting.

“Someone complained that the grass in the garden needed to be cut, but I can’t do that without moving the needles and I obviously don’t want to touch the used syringes.

“The owner came out to assess the garden and they told me there was nothing they could do about it.

“People on the street are always setting fires and also smoking cannabis which smells awful and can really affect my three year old son who has asthma.

“I even had kids tearing down my garden fence recently, it’s just not a good home for me and my kids.”

Hoping to get away from the nightmarish house, Chanelle plans to move three doors to her father’s house, but was told she couldn’t do it.

Chanelle wants to move with her children a few doors down from her father’s house

Her young family is entitled to a bungalow due to her granddaughter’s disability, but Chanelle hopes to move into a safer home with fewer problems.

She explained: “My dad is looking to move from his house three doors down from mine, so I’m hoping to take over the rental, but I’ve been told I can’t and will have to put up a bid.

“I have rent arrears which have kept me from moving there in the past, but I’ve sorted out the payments for it so hopefully there won’t be any more issues.”

The housing association said: ‘We are working closely with Ms Parker to respond quickly to any immediate concerns about her property and to support her in her tenancy.

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