Point68 sees China and Macao as potential markets.

Point68 Insect Beauty is a joint venture between US organic and clean beauty brand SIBU Sea Berry Therapy and Asia-based insect industry professional Josh Galt.

There is only one product, Youth Replenishing Face Oil, which is a luxury face oil formulated to improve skin hydration with cellular healing and rejuvenation.

Galt said CosmeticDesign-Asia: “We sold reasonably well against our initial first-year targets, both through international distributors and direct-to-consumer online sales​.”

In Hong Kong, Point68 is distributed by Starnergy on online platforms such as HKTVMALL, letzshop.hk as well as pop-up kiosks in shopping malls. The product is also sold in the United States.

Hong Kong Acceptance

Point68 was first launched in Hong Kong this year.

According to Starnergy Marketing Manager Joseph Leung, the new insect oil in Hong Kong has been well received so far.

We have received positive feedback from Point68 once consumers have tried the product. As this is the first insect oil used in skin care, people may be a little hesitant, so we have to explain to customers during roadshows. Once they tried it on their skin, around 75% liked it and said they would buy it again​.”

Still, as a new cosmetic product, Leung said it would take some time for people to understand the benefits of insect oil.

In general, insect-based products like cosmetics and food are very new to Hong Kongers. People have heard of insect foods, but will be hesitant to try them. It is also very difficult to find insect products here in Hong Kong. The insect industry is a totally new market here and it would take education and marketing strategies to expand the market.​.”

In Hong Kong, the distributor is working on more roadshows and pop-up stores to allow users to test and experience the product.

We can also work with local opinion leaders (KOLs) to promote the product on Facebook and Youtubesaid Leung.

Expansion of China and Macao

Besides Hong Kong, there are plans to distribute Point68 in China and Macao.

We are currently focusing on the Hong Kong market and will likely expand to China and Macau later this year or early next year depending on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. China is a huge market opportunity, and consumers there are ready to try new products with the right marketing strategy.

For China and Macao, we may need to work with partners to explore markets because China is too big to do it by ourselves. China’s marketing strategy is very different from Hong Kong’s, so we could use more online and KOL promotions with promotional videos or direct sales with incentive programs​.”

According to Galt, the biggest impact of the pandemic for the company in 2021 has been marketing.

While social media platforms and other sales channels censor, block and remove references to natural health or other properties that are key selling points for product efficacy, such as the fact that it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, no one is allowed to say them anymore. and this presents an unfortunate challenge that we are still navigating​.”

Big leap forward for insect cosmetics

Most recently, Point68 received the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS Hong Kong 2021) award for best skincare product.

Galt commented: “We look forward to continued growth after receiving the LOHAS award for best skincare product as recognition from the clean beauty industry that this is a long lasting product that really works to achieve healthy skin. , beautiful and younger looking.​.”

Its Insect Oil is made with a proprietary blend of 10 organically active botanicals, including Sibu’s premium Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Oils, as well as pure cold-pressed Soldier Worm Oil, one of the richest natural sources of lauric acid.

For the insect industry as a whole, this award is a big step towards more general recognition of insect oil cosmetics, and provides a positive first impression of soldier worm oil as a sustainable beauty ingredient for a broader demographic of connoisseurs, eco-conscious consumers.

The name point68 refers to insects and other arthropods used in sustainable agriculture, which have 6 legs and 8 legs respectively.