Renowned dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu promotes the launch of a new Off! Insect repellents for adults and children in New York

The humid summer nights of the 1970s in Taiwan left Dr Jessica Wu, then a five-year-old girl, walking outside her childhood home, with marks from mosquito bites. Besides the incessant itching caused by an unsightly pea mark, her allergic reaction to blood-sucking winged insects caused her little legs to swell twice as big, the scars of which she still bears today.

Flashforward to the present, the Harvard Medical School alumnus and renowned dermatologist has been treating patients for a myriad of skin conditions, including insect bites, in her Los Angeles practice for nearly 30 years. She is also an educator at the University of Southern California and a speaker at national and international medical conferences. On May 17, Dr. Wu, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the Medical Council of the American Society for Nutrition, appeared at the Wilson Hotel in New York to promote two of the latest innovative products from Off! to keep adults and children protected and healthy from disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks as they enjoy their grassy backyard after hours, early morning boardwalk jogs, and hikes in the woods .

Both products are disabled! Clean Feel for adults and Off! Insect repellent spray for children. The Clean Feel formula for adults comes in a 4 and 5 ounce spray and aerosol, respectively. Fragrance-free insect repellents provide DEET-free protection against mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies. DEET, whose chemical name is N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, is the active ingredient in several repellent products commonly used to repel mosquitoes and ticks, some of which carry viruses including West Nile and Zika, or malaria and tick-borne diseases. such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. While around a third of the US population uses DEET to protect themselves from these insect bites, the active has sometimes been infamous for causing irritation, redness, rashes and swelling when left on. on the skin for long periods of time. Stopped! Clean Feel for adults is formulated with 20% picaridin, an active ingredient that provides eight hours of protection less irritation.

The Off! Kids Insect Repellent Spray is a plant-based formula and provides up to 90 minutes of protection against unwanted insect bites at a time. Powered by natural essential oils like Rosemary, Lemongrass, Geranium, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Soy, the kids’ formula is also DEET and fragrance-free, and goes on clean and dry quickly without a sticky feeling.

“Off! has a wonderful range and depth of different products to suit your activity level and whatever ingredients you think are best for you and your family,” Wu said.

Mosquito bites are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. While people with type O blood have also been cited as a prime target for bloodsucking nuisances, scent is also considered a strong attraction for parasites.

“A recent survey showed that two-thirds of Americans don’t put on their insect repellent properly because they wait to leave the house to apply their spray, and by then it’s too late,” Wu explained. been bitten and remember to apply your insect repellent, just like waiting to get sunburned to apply your sunscreen. It’s good to always have it on hand and apply it to your daily routine before you go. go out.

With a mission to help consumers “beat the bite,” SC Johnson entomologists coined the word “PRetection” — prevention being the best protection. To achieve this, consumers are invited to follow a summer protection ritual consisting of applying their sunscreen followed by the Off! repellent spray.

“After washing your face in the morning, apply a light moisturizer, sunscreen with SPF 30-50, then follow that with your insect repellent as the last step,” Wu told a dozen attendees at the launch luncheon. produced on Tuesday. . “Then you go out and get protected for the day.”

The Off! formulas can be misted lightly after sunscreen application; by allowing the spray to dry on the skin and not be rubbed in, it won’t diminish the sunscreen’s effectiveness, Wu says.

“You don’t need to soak it, and you don’t want it running all over the place,” Dr. Wu said. “Hold six to eight inches and spray an even coat. Allow to dry, unless you are treating your face or a child’s face. [In that case] spray it on the palms and apply it to the face, paying attention to the eyes, nose and mouth.

In case people get bitten by mosquitoes, Dr. Wu has some great care tips.

“If their skin isn’t broken, you can use ice, topical Benadryl,” she says.

While diluted vinegar is another home remedy that can be used to soothe itching with a cotton ball, it’s more of an antiseptic, says Wu.

For intensely itchy sufferers who refuse to treat the affected area and compulsively scratch at the skin until it breaks, she has one caveat: don’t.

“If it has already been scratched, it is possible that bacteria will enter it [causing] staph infections,” she says.

She then encourages them to use antibiotic ointment and cover the affected area with a bandage until it heals.

If the wound continues to swell and there is pus, antibiotics may be needed and the person should see a doctor.

“If it’s bigger than just an M&M, see a doctor,” she said. “It could be a sign of an allergic reaction, an infection, especially if it’s growing day by day.”

Checking the weather forecast is easy, but what is a mosquito tracker? Now available on the OFF! Official repellent site, the Off!Cast can tell consumers what the mosquito prevalence is for the week – low, medium or high. Simply type in the postal code and access the information in seconds. Consumers can also sign up to receive their local mosquito forecasts each week on the website.

The Off! Clean feel for adults and OFF! Child repellent sprays are available at major retailers and online at