Scientists Say You Should Squash This Bug If You See It In Bluegrass

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A new bug may soon be inhabiting Kentucky, and it’s the one we don’t want in Bluegrass.

Scientists say the spotted lantern is an invasive species.

“One of the side effects of their diet is that they create what is called honeydew. It’s a sweet fecal matter and it rains on people under infested trees,” said Jonathan Larson, an entomologist at the University of Kentucky.

Native to Asia, the insect began its American invasion in Pennsylvania. The insect has not yet arrived in Kentucky.

“The closest infestations we have, to Kentucky, are in Indiana,” Larson said.

The good news is that this pesky insect only likes certain crops.

“People who grow Christmas trees and some of these other types of specialty crops. It won’t be a problem for our corn growers or our cattle ranchers,” Larson said.

If you find the spotted lanternfly in your yard, Larson says to take a picture of it, report it, and then kill it. Send your spotted lanternfly reports, including photos, to [email protected]

A new bug may be moving into Kentucky soon, and it’s the one we don’t want in Bluegrass.(USDA)