Sumitomo Corporation – Investment in Nutrition Technologies, a maker of alternative insect-based proteins

Sumitomo Company invested in Nutrition Technologies (“NT”), a start-up producing alternative insect-based proteins in Malaysia.

In the future, we will promote collaboration with NT to expand the market for their products and develop high value-added products, thereby contributing to stable and sustainable food production across the world.

Due to global population growth and the westernization of dietary habits, demand for protein is expected to double from 2005 levels, raising concerns about global protein shortages. Existing protein production provided by agriculture, livestock and fishing industries consumes huge amounts of grain as well as land and natural resources. Therefore, it is unlikely to meet sufficient levels of future global protein demand. Thus, protein sources with less environmental impact are needed, and insects are attracting more attention for this purpose. The insect-based protein industry has begun to grow into a significant market, currently supplying products primarily for animal consumption, such as pet food and livestock and fish feed. Going forward, the market is expected to expand on the growth of processed products for humans. Some reports estimate that the market will witness significant growth from 17.5 billion yen (from 2020) to 350 billion yen by 2030.

NT was created in 2015 by two former United Nations officials who were deeply concerned about the food problem. NT is headquartered in Singaporethen built their own factory in Malaysia in 2020 to breed and treat black soldier flies (BSF). Now he has become from Asia the largest manufacturer of insect-based protein alternatives. Since it has strengths in reproductive ability, protein concentration and resistance to pathogens, BSF is expected to become the promising protein source more than other potential insect sources, such as crickets and crickets. locusts, especially Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). NT has developed unique BSF manufacturing techniques and systems, specifically to collect food residues and by-products from local factories and plantations for use as feed for raising BSF, dehydrating and drying larvae, and processing high quality protein materials. These capabilities are exercised effectively at the first plant in Malaysiataking advantage of the local warm climate to eliminate the need for heating facilities to raise the BSF, thus realizing more environmentally friendly protein production.

To Sumitomo Companyhis Department of Animal Health Sciences, whose main activity is the animal health products business for pets and livestock, is in charge of the NT business. The department will promote the development and commercialization of insect-based protein foods by capitalizing on the knowledge and networks of existing companies. We will also strive to use petroleum and excrement generated from the manufacturing process as materials for the development of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, chemicals, organic fertilizers and other high value-added products. Continuing the strategic partnership with NT, a startup committed to creating a sustainable and self-sufficient economy focused on recycling, we will be in harmony with the global environment by accelerating our efforts towards efficient use of limited natural resources and the creation of an economy based on recycling. society.

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