The SFA examines 16 species of insects intended for human consumption; request comments on import conditions

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) may soon allow the import and sale of insects and insect-based products for human consumption and animal feed.

In a statement on Sunday, October 16, the SFA said that after “thorough scientific review” it may allow “specific species of insects with a history of human consumption” to be served as food.

Sixteen species of insects were examined for human consumption, including certain types of crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, mealworms, moths, silkworms and honey bees.

Commercial breeding of insects for human consumption and animal feed has been promoted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in recent years, the SFA said.

In Singapore, more than 10 companies have expressed interest in importing insect feed or breeding insects, he added.

Companies that intend to import or breed insects for human consumption or animal feed must meet certain food safety requirements, the SFA said.

This includes providing documentary evidence that the imported insects were raised in “regulated establishments with food safety controls” and that no harmful pathogens or contaminants were used in the breeding or breeding. insect food.

Those wishing to import or breed insects with no history of human consumption must complete and submit safety assessments to the SFA before the product is authorized for sale.

The SFA said the insect products will undergo food and safety testing, like all other foods available in Singapore. “Food found to be non-compliant with our food and safety regulations will not be permitted for sale,” the SFA said.

The agency is seeking comments from the public as well as the food and feed industry on import conditions and additional pre-licensing requirements for insects and insect-based products.

The public consultation will end on December 4.